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​                                                       Milania​  (Retired) 



Milania is a gorgeous long coated white shepherd born
on October 31, 2011. She has a noble presence about herself and her personality exudes self-confidence. Outside of her intelligence, she
has a calm, stable and affectionate temperament. She has beautiful conformation and is well defined. Her "will to please" is extraordinary
which is why she makes such a wonderful therapy dog. She has
beautiful dark pigments with a pure white coat with cream tipping
around her ears, bottoms of her feet and tip of her tail.
We knew great things were to come with our new girl but had no
idea how quickly she would accomplish them. At the age of 9
months, she took two champion UKC wins on her first time ever
in a show ring. (mine too) That same month, she tested and passed
her Canine Good Citizen Certification. (CGC) As she turned one year,
and her second time in the show ring, she brought home her third
win to achieve her UKC Champion status, winning Best of Breed.
Shortly thereafter, she tested for her TDI certification and she passed
with flying colors. I was simply amazed how well she did and basically walked herself through these events like she has been doing it all
along. We even had the opportunity to show against her mother and grandmother in one show. Seeing all three generations of beauty, intelligence and structure in one show, definitely offers a great sense of satisfaction and the desire to go forward towards our future Grand Champion.
Milania and I volunteer our time visiting returning military veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and other medical and emotional related disorders. We provide the same for police, fire and EMS personnel and their families.
One area of her specialty is going to schools or libraries for children to read to her. Last year, Milania participated in a local teacher's Master Degree research project with her second grade students. We visited her respective school on 15 different occasions so students engaged in the research project could read to her. The children loved her and looked forward to each and every one of her visits. They were sad when we left but the teacher said we have an open visitation to come and visit anytime we want. What an enjoyable experience for the two of us and Milania was the perfect listener. Sometimes the students when reading, would make different noises to see her reaction. A Tilt of her head, or a look to their direction, always made them laugh. Reading to Milania became fun to them and they seemed to no longer care if they misread a word or two. In the end, we fell we benefitted more than they did. We will be back.

URO1 UKC GRCH Noblewoods Honorable Calling

        CGC,CGCA, TDI, SPOT-On. 3 x Total Dog.


One of my favorite places to visit with both Milania and Major, is visiting residential addiction treatment programs. As a private practitioner, I work so closely to those suffering from addictions. I see everyday the devastation of dysfunctional families, broken relationships, sad and crying children, and loss of job/money and stability. With such a national epidemic of our young people taking prescription drugs, the high rates of overdoses and suicide are incomprehensible. Utilizing therapy dogs in this setting offer many benefits.
The main focus being the interaction between the dogs and clients alike that would be enjoyable and nurturing. The clients all ask are you coming back again when we leave? We know we are having an impact of these young adults who just lost their way in lfe and need a little re-direction. Getting one person to agree to stay in treatment when they want to run because we're coming back next week, saves lives. I encourage any or all of you with therpay dogs to consider visiting residential programs. You too, could be saving lives.
​We will also continue to volunteer to anyone who would like a visit. Please check the link for our Guarding Hearts Therapy Dog program or go ​

We hope you enjoy looking at Milania's pictures and achievements


July 20, 2012, Locke, NY UKC Show. Milania's first time in show ring takes two UKC Champion wins at age 9 months old.

November 2, 2012 Locke, NY UKC Show. Milania's second time in show ring and captures her UKC Champion; Best in Group age 12 months.

              Locke, NY UKC Show 11/2/2013

          Milania takes her second Grand Champion Win

                  Locke, NY UKC Show 11/3/2013

             Milania takes her third Grand Champion Win

Pedigree & Health Testing

MDR1:N/N  DM:N/N  CERF: Normal 

OFA Hips: Mild due to Subluxation only

July 19, 2012 Locke, NY UKC Show. Milania's first time in the show ring at age 9 months taking two competition wins. ​

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