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           Import From Russia

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                           Slava White Star Iz Beloy Brigady

 We are very excited for this new baby arriving soon from Russia being hand delivered by her Breeder Maria Guryeva.  

 Slava is co-owned with and will reside with Allison DeLang in Lancaster, NY with our White Star's Grand Champion Donner. We will concentrate on preparing her for potential future breedings, conformation,  rally and other obedience and therapy dog work with Slava.  We look forward to seeing all the wonderful things Slava will bring to our program and are so excited to start our new adventure with her.           


SLAVA White Star IZBB (Hector IZBB - Papelpark Hertsoginya. Age 4 months. Owner: Cindy Goss and Allison DeLang, USA. SLAVA has just started her show career)). It happened at the National DogShow in Moscow, Russia where she got fantastic result! BEST BABY in SHOW3)). 
Thanx to judges and the my colleague Вера Троицкая for great raising of this litter and Анастасия Гавшина for handling of this white star)). Thanks toНадежда Шилова for nice pictures!   9/2019

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